Tablehockey World Championship,Buda Budapest 2009 June 12-14.

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Dear Table Hockey Friends,

 we kindly invite you to the World Championships of Table Hockey, which takes place in Budapest, 12-14th June, 2009. The most acknowledged table hockey event in the world makes its way back to Central Europe. We hope to see many players from many nations behind the rods, new flags on the pole, and it will be a pleasure to meet the stars, champs, old foxes and youngsters among the competitors.

This year´s World Championships has become special not only because of the growing interests, but also due to the difficulties encountered in organizing the event. In the autumn of 2008 our organizing team applied to the ITHF and the member nations for financial help alternatively to transfer the honour of officiating as host. Players from different nations offered their help, sent encouraging words and finally we were inspirited by the ITHF to continue the organization. We received indispensable help from Intars Zubeckis, Bjarne Axelsen, Vladimir Kraus and the representatives of Swedish, Czech and Latvian Stiga distributors. This year´s World Championships has become more than the issue of one national federation, it´s the product of an international collaboration.

We hope you will enjoy the play and the city, and travel home with unforgettable experience. See you in Budapest!


The organizing team

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